Safeguarding Family Support Service

The Safeguarding and Family Support Service supports children, young people and their families who have been assessed by the Initial Response Service as requiring ongoing support. These children may be:

  • Children requiring support with their general wellbeing as a Child In Need
  • Children who require a Child Protection Plan to protect them from harm
  • Children who are subject to Court Proceedings and accommodation when this is deemed necessary for their protection

The Safeguarding and Family Support Service is based at Essington Lodge in New Invention. It consists of ten social work teams who work closely with schools, health and other community based professionals to assess, plan for and support families. Each child has an allocated social worker who is a qualified and skilled professional in supporting families who are experiencing a variety of complex difficulties and challenges. This might include problems relating to drug and alcohol use; parenting; teenage conflict; domestic abuse; parental mental health; children who are at risk of sexual exploitation and children who are being Privately Fostered.

In fulfilling our key responsibilities for promoting the overall welfare of children in need and protecting them from harm, we draw on a range of resources. This includes information, advice and practical support; Edge of care; Family Group Conferencing (FGC) and a range of parenting programmes. The focus is on helping families to find their own solutions wherever possible, focussing on the strengths and positives of the immediate and wider family networks.

We recognise that patterns of family life vary and there is no one perfect way to bring up children. We spend a lot of time listening to children and parents about what they need to make things better and aim to ensure that children grow up in an environment that provides safe and effective care.

Unfortunately some parents are not able to make the changes that are necessary to ensure their children are raised with the level of care and protection that is necessary to effectively support them into adulthood. If this cannot be achieved then we work with the Court to make decisions about who should care for a child and seek to promote their welfare away from their birth family.

Contact Details for Safeguarding and Family Support Service

108 Essington Road
New Invention
West Midlands
WV12 5EX

Telephone 0300 555 2837


page updated 16.05.2017

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