Become a Parenting Practitioner

  1. Is everyone’s business – at first point of contact, all agencies are committed to responding to the needs of families whether that need falls within their immediate area of expertise or not;
  2. Is about empowerment – families are central to defining and addressing the problems they face  and are equal partners in the process. The voice of the child will be sought at all stages with appropriate respect for age, development stage and levels of understanding;
  3. Is about intervention at the earliest stage of identification and is inclusive for children and families of all ages from birth onwards.

    for more information around Early Help, resources and training see the website here

Training to become a facilitator of Parenting Programmes is available though the Parenting Team to professionals who have regular contact with parents and families.

 Evidence Based Parenting Training

For further information and to apply for training please view documents below:


Walsall Way of Parenting Solihull Approach Training

For this training please contact Children’s Services Workforce Development Team on telephone 01922 650715, or for more information visit:


For more information on any of the above programmes and traning contact the Parenting Team:

Georgina Atkins – Early Help Parenting Toxic Trio Lead


Telephone: 01922 650714

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