About us

Walsall Children’s Services

Our Vision

We want all children and young people in Walsall to be healthy, happy and safe, to be loved, valued and respected and to have high aspirations for a successful future.


  • We respect all children, young people and their families – by listening carefully to their views and acting on them wherever possible.
  • We are open and trustworthy – by making decisions transparently and involving others and we do what we say we will.
  • We believe in the potential of all children – by doing all we can to support their development and talents.
  • We are caring and responsible – by acting as good corporate parents and going the ‘extra mile’ in our supportive approaches to all children.
  • We will protect vulnerable children and young people – by taking firm urgent action when needed, sharing information and not tolerating oppressive behaviour.
  • We engage with children and young people, helping to empower them through supporting their aspirations and giving them responsibility.
  • We celebrate and support cultural diversity and children’s sense of identity.


Our Priorities are that all children and young people are

  1. Healthy and well being
  2. Safe and supported
  3. Aspiring and Attaining
  4. Socially included and able to become successful adults

These link to our Corporate Plan and Borough Sustainable Community Strategy. Our Children and Young Peoples Plan and Partnership Strategy Bookshelf show how we are delivering our priorities. Each year we refresh our ‘success measures’ based on an analysis of need and performance to make sure our priorities are SMART.


Children’s Services

We are organised into 2 divisions covering;

Preventative and Targeted services

  • Education support services
  • Integrated Young People’s Support Service
  • Early Intervention, Workforce and  Partnerships
  • Effectiveness, Improvement and Contract Management

Specialist services

  • Safeguarding and Child protection
  • Corporate parenting



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